Lex Luger On Vince McMahon’s Reasoning For Not Winning WWE Title At SummerSlam 1993


Lex Luger discussed not winning the WWE Title at SummerSlam 1993 during a recent interview on Pro Wrestling 4 Life. 

Not winning the WWE Title: 


“A lot of people felt that way that it would have been better even if I turned the belt over to him the following night on RAW and got heat on Yoko. He did something to get it back or something. With that big of a buildup, as a babyface, you almost have to come through because it lets all the air out of your tires. I enjoyed the opportunity obviously, and it was a great promotion, but a lot of people thought it might have been more beneficial if you’re going to still go with Yoko to have the babyface win and have Yoko win it right back or something. It might have been good. I agree with that for sure.”

Vince McMahon: 

“In defense of Vince and the decision makers at the time, Vince was really big — you know how much The Garden meant to Vince. He never promised me the title. Vince and I had a great relationship. ‘If I want to put the title on you, rather than do it at SummerSlam, I’d rather wait and do it at WrestleMania 10 at Madison Square Garden.’ He had that in his head that if you’re going to be my guy, I’m going to put the belt on you as a babyface and give you a run with it. Then things happened after that, and he ended up putting it on Bret, who was a great champion. That really was, ‘Why did they not give him the belt?’ That really was Vince’s thinking. ‘I’ll get everything revved back up for WrestleMania, and what a way to coronate Lex as my champion if that’s the way we decide to go at WrestleMania 10.’ That was kind of a little backstory to that whole thing.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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