Lex Luger Says Dusty Rhodes Was A Progressive Booker


Lex Luger was a guest on Eric Bischoff’s podcast, “Bischoff on Wrestling”, where the two spoke about Dusty Rhodes as a booker. Below are the highlights:

Bischoff on Dusty’s approach to booking: “Dusty would try new things. Dusty would look at things in different ways. He had a bigger, broader vision than the traditional paint by numbers approach. I don’t mean to be disparaging to guys like Ole Anderson but guys that were more traditional studio wrestling guys. I can see why Dusty looked at you and went, “OH MAN!” I can see why Dusty looked at you and said, “I see money here. I see it.” Did you find Dusty to be more innovative than other people that you had worked with?”

Luger on how good he was in the role: “Yes, extremely creative. A real visionary. Even tho he personally in the ring was the “Son of The Plumber” and had a real southern appeal Dusty was really working hard at being a very progressive booker. He wanted to expand. We were going to Chicago and all of these new markets. He really wanted to take WCW out of the southern kind of mold we were in and really make it national and hopefully international. He definitely had that vision that I greatly admired. At the time in WCW a lot of the guys were frustrated because we were always that number two company behind WWF with Hogan, Macho and all those guys. We wanted to move up and challenge them and Dusty definitely saw that with the vehicle we had with Turner that we could possibly, maybe really challenge them. We didn’t while I was there at WCW at the time but he definitely had that vision for the company. Which is remarkable.”

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