Lex Luger Talks Steroids In Wrestling, His Drinking Problem


The following are highlights from a new Forbes interview with Lex Luger:

On PED’s in the pro wrestling industry: “As far as the PED’s, as they’re referred to now, they were very prevalent at the time, as they are so today. I thought I had a hold on that. Proper cycling and medical blood tests and things like that. There’s ways around the testing at the time. Obviously, there still is. So, I thought, at the time, I had a good grip on that. As far as the alcohol and the prescription drugs, they made a real mess in my life. Outside of wrestling, most of my career, I never really felt I had a problem with it.”

On issues he has dealt with personally: “I thought the drinking and the pills were more of a social thing that I did with the rest of the guys. Back then, it was a work hard, play hard mentality, Dan. So none of us felt we really had a problem. But guys were dropping like flies and dying. I was towards the end of my career and it was my real worst times because the alcohol was right after my retirement. I had too much free time on my hands.”

Check out the complete interview online at Forbes.com.

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