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Lilian Garcia Comments on Getting WWE Stars to Open Up on Serious Issues for Her Podcast



Lilian Garcia spoke about her podcast Chasing Glory and how she’s had been able to get talent to talk about personal stories and serious issues while doing an interview with Wrestling Inc.

Here is what she had to say: 

“The one thing Chasing Glory has become synonymously known for is being able to talk about the hard issues that happened to the Superstars themselves or someone close to them. That’s the beauty of the show because life is hard and tough things are gonna happen to you or someone close to you. It’s only when society is able to talk about anything and everything that we can feel less alone and feel like there is a solution. I applaud and thank my guests all the time for allowing me to dive in and talk to them about these serious issues that happened in their lives as it’s been able to help so many people who say, ‘This show has saved my life,’ because now they don’t feel as alone as before.”

“No. I’ve been lucky enough where [WWE] has trusted me with the talent to be able to run these interviews. I don’t have anybody there from the staff overseeing and nothing is edited, so it’s been great. I’m very respectful and I’m not into bashing anyone.”

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