Lilian Garcia Comments On Return To WWE


As noted earlier here on the website, announced Monday that former Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia is returning to the organization.

Returning to WWE full-time after a more than two-year hiatus, she will be SmackDown’s new ring announcer. It’s her first time joining WWE’s Friday night brand.

I am here to tell you that I am back baby! This is awesome. I am actually back in the WWE. I’m going to be announcing SmackDown full-time

she tells in an interview at Monday night’s RAW SuperShow in Tampa, Florida.

“I’ve been doing a lot, I got married since I left. I actually relocated from New York City to L.A. I have been recording—I’ve never stopped singing. I’ve been recording, got some new songs coming out, got a video coming out next week, so that’s exciting, I missed it though. No matter how much I did other things, I always missed this.

“I’ve continuously watched it and there was a time there that it was hard for me to actually watch it—I did have to step away a little bit just because I missed it. I would it watch it, and nostalgia, and I’d tear up and I’m like, ‘No, you did the right thing, you did the right thing’ and then no matter how much I tried to step away from it, it always like draw you in (laughs). It gets in your blood!”

“I’m excited about everything. I’m excited about singing again on the show, that’s going to be awesome, singing the national anthem again and every other opportunity that comes up with that. Oh my gosh, I miss the fans, so, so much. I miss you. And then the Superstars. Working with the Superstars was so incredible, I said it when I gave my goodbye speech, they are the best athletes in the world, so being back here, watching them, best seat in the house, is really terrific and it’s just so exciting and all the crew, everybody, behind the scenes, it’s just a great energy.”

As we noted earlier, video of Garcia discussing returning to WWE is available at

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