Linda Hogan: My DUI Wasn’t Due To Hulk’s Sex Tape


Linda Hogan has denied that her DUI arrest on Thursday has anything to do with Hulk Hogan’s sex tape. The New York Daily News reports that Linda’s lawyer Raymod Rafool said she felt bad about the arrest and claimed that two glasses of champagne she had been drinking at a jewelry event hours before had been exacerbated by antibiotics for an E. coli infection she had been hospitalized from two days before.

“She regrets it. She’s a mom, so she’s embarrassed about it,” Rafool said. “She’s just thankful it wasn’t worse and thankful nobody got hurt. The police were all very nice. It wasn’t a scene at all. It was anticlimactic.”

Rafool added, “We intentionally want it known we have no comment on the sex tape. They have moved on to a nice, peaceful place in their relationship. They’re working hard to be peaceful co-parents. Even though their kids are adults, they still need their parents.”

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