Linda Hogan’s New Gig, Mark Henry’s Return?, WWE DVDs


— Linda Hogan is reportedly embarking on a new business venture. Linda’s attorney Raymond J. Rafool told E! Online that she will be starting her own cosmetics line. “It is a very positive step for Linda,” he said. “Linda is extremely busy developing her soon-to-be-released cosmetic line and in pursuing her several television projects.” As noted earlier, the 52-year-old Linda has officially called things off with her 23-year-old boy toy Charlie Hill. Charlie reportedly called off the relationship after four years together. The two reportedly had a heart-to-heart about the future of their relationship this weekend. During the conversation, they came to the conclusion that they didn’t see themselves ever getting married to each other, so that was that. They decided that it was best to end things so they could move on with their lives. There is reportedly no anger involved, and the split was said to be amicable. Pukes.

— Mark Henry is not advertised for any appearances until the June 25 RAW Supershow. They will likely have to change that as well due to Henry’s surgery on Tuesday.

— Several WWE DVD and Blu-Ray sets have new official release dates:

* The Best of WCW Clash of the Champions: May 22nd

* Falls Count Anywhere: The Greatest Street Fights and Other Out-of-Control Matches: June 26th

* The Biggest Matches in ECW History: June 5th

* Undertaker: The Streak: July 24th

* Extreme Rules 2012: May 29th (DVD Only)

* Over the Limit 2012: June 19th (DVD Only)

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