Linda McMahon Calls For GOP To Unite Behind Her


After accepting the Connecticut Republican party’s nomination on Friday night, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon called for the GOP to “unite” behind her. Together, they can “push forward” to the general election for the US Senate this November.

However, Chris Shays, McMahon’s chief opponent, says that he is still aiming for the Republican primary vote in August. When he was asked if he has enough money to compete with McMahon, he said, “Absolutely. We know where the voters are and we are going to make sure they hear from us. Everyone had the siren call that money could buy an election. It can’t. It cannot buy an election. We’re going to have a good race.”

UPDATE: Shane McMahon publicly resurfaced at the Connecticut Republican Party convention last night in support of his mother Linda, who was endorsed by the GOP for Connecticut’s Senate race. Shane, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Linda’s mother were also in attendance.

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