Linda McMahon Criticized Over Hurricane Advertisements


— As of today, The New York Times is predicting Chris Murphy will win the Connecticut Senate Race over Linda McMahon. Several other polls have Linda McMahon winning so take this for what it’s worth.

— NBC anchor Brian Williams called out Linda McMahon for not suspending campaign advertising in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. You can see the video below. In it, Williams notes that several politicians have suspended their campaigns but that Linda hasn’t.

“In this part of the country, those who do have TV are seeing attack ads from a woman named Linda McMahon who is running for Senate up in Connecticut airing like nothing had changed juxtaposed against the damage,” Williams said. “It’s just a very strange time.”

Linda did cancel campaign events on Monday and Tuesday and will reportedly decide whether to continue campaigning on Wednesday. The Hartford Courant reports that both Linda and her opponent Chris Murphy are still running ads.

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