​Linda McMahon Discusses Vince McMahon, Says She Didn’t Make WWE PG & More


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Linda McMahon discussed the current “PG” era of WWE, Vince McMahon and more. Here are some highlights:

On whether she played a role in WWE going PG: “That wasn’t me, so much, moving to a PG-rating. The development of WWE programming, over time, has mirrored the market place. During the time that WWE was in the ‘Attitude Era,’ which was TV-14–if you looked at television programming and movies that were produced, they were edgier during that same time frame. Then, as that opinion shifted, WWE’s opinion shifted, as well, and sponsors had different demands. It was more of a family-friendlier audience to come back to PG-TV.”

On whether she’s ever met anyone like Vince McMahon: “No, I’ve yet to meet anyone like him. I was the honors student and the civic leader in my hometown, and Vince was the local badass. There was a little bit of that bad boy aspect that I think was incredibly appealing, and it must have been–we’ll have our fiftieth anniversary this coming August. He’s one of the smartest people I know, and a very shrewd businessman.”

On Vince being an forward-thinker: “Obviously you play a role on television. Stephanie is obviously not this overly aggressive, over-the-top, very bad women that she portrays on television. She’s this wonderful, gregarious, fantastic mom, accomplished professional, respected in many segments–it’s no different than any other actor who plays a role. Vince McMahon is as progressive a thinker as anyone.”

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