Linda McMahon Getting Dirty In Her Senate Battle


Linda McMahon and her key opponent in securing the Republican nomination of a US Senate seat in Connecticut are picking up the pace of their battle. Linda is now trying to discredit Shays’ attacks against her as a former WWE CEO by pointing out that Shays accepted a $5,000 donation from Linda and Vince while he was a member of Congress. Linda even pointed out that Shays had a photo taken with Vince.

Shays’ campaign spokeswoman called it a non-issue, saying, “Of course, Christopher Shays visited companies in his district, including the McMahon family business. That doesn’t mean he supported the business, and he’d be glad to accept another campaign contribution now for his Senate race. We’d certainly put it to good use.”

When asked about the photo of Shays with Vince, the spokeswoman said, “None of this changes the fact that WWE has a long history of promoting violence, bullying, and degradation of minorities and women. It also doesn’t make Linda McMahon qualified to be a United States senator.”

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