Linda McMahon Is Trying To Court the Female Vote



A new article on Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign details her strategy in attempting to court the female vote in this election. The article notes that Linda didn’t do well last among women voters last time around and says she’s trying to reach out by meeting in more personal settings and bring attention away from her WWE past, which hurt her. A political science professor interviewed said, “If she can capitalize on her economic skills but at the same time deflect attention away from how she made her money, she might be able to attract more women voters.” A female voter added that in 2010, “A lot of people viewed her as a CEO that perhaps exploited women.”

At a recent gathering, Linda said, “I found that in the last campaign, one of the push-backs, if you will, was that we didn’t really get women’s votes and I thought, ‘Why is that?’ The bottom line is women really didn’t get to know me very well.”

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