Linda McMahon Possibly Promoted By Donald Trump


The Trump Administration has delivered one of the most controversial and polarizing presidencies of all time with an ever shifting cabinet and off-color comments made by the president himself. Enough about Trump though, this ins’t a political site, and on to Linda McMahon. Linda was selected by Donald Trump to be the “Head of the small business Associations” but after just a few years in the position, she is now the frontrunner for a new and higher position.


Politico among other sources are now reporting that Linda is currently a top contender to replace current Secretary Of Commerce, Wilbur Ross if he leaves the position.

“The leading candidate to replace Ross if that happens is now Small Business Administration chief Linda McMahon. McMahon has made clear she is interested in the position and would accept it if it is offered. Whether Ross stays or goes will depend on the extent to which newly empowered Democrats in the House decide to probe the Commerce secretary’s finances and questions about his divestment of assets. If Democrats decide to press those issues, Ross could have a harder time staying.” – Politico 

With the Trump Administration constantly changing, and the given close friendship between Vince and Donald, it wouldn’t be strange to see McMahon promoted.

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