Linda McMahon’s Political Opponent Takes Aim At Her


Linda McMahon’s chief Republican opponent for this year’s primary in Connecticut has taken some hard shots at her. Chris Shays took aim at McMahon in a statement, saying Linda is “embarrassingly clueless”.

Dodd also says Linda’s campaign run is “scripted” and that she is a “scripted, terrible candidate” who would make for a “terrible Senator.” He also claimed she is an opponent that he has the least respect for in his 18 previous elections. He went on to say she is attempting to “buy an election” with $60 million. Shays referred to the $50 million McMahon spent in 2010 and $9 million spent thus far on the 2012 election. McMahon spokesman Tim Murtaugh said in response, “We have no comment on such bitter attacks.”

For what it’s worth, Linda McMahon is currently in the lead according to several recent polls.

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