Linda McMahon Update + WWE Settles Tax Issue & More


— After three of four U.S. Senate debates, Linda McMahon is now trailing Democratic candidate Chris Murphy in two new polls released this week. In the new Siena Research Institute Poll, Murphy leads 46 to 44 percent. Although with the margin of error, it is actually a virtual tie. The new UConn/Hartford Courant poll has it for Murphy at 44 percent, with 38 percent for McMahon and 17 percent remain undecided.

— Wrestling author Irv Muchnick published his findings on a recent $4.4 million tax settlement between WWE and the State of Connecticut. The settlement was based on tax disputes over the course of several years. WWE and the state disagreed on how WWE’s state taxes should be calculated due to WWE being based in Connecticut, but doing business internationally and as a broadcaster. WWE attempted to use an exemption in the tax code, which led to the multi-million dollar settlement when WWE and the State decided to meet in the middle on WWE’s tax bill.

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