lio rush

Lio Rush Cuts Promo Prior To Sunday Night’s ‘The WRLD On GCW’ Event


Prior to the “Brass Ring” Ladder Match at Sunday night’s “The WRLD on GCW” pay-per-view event, AEW Superstar Lio Rush cut a promo on his match with Jordan Oliver, Jimmy Lloyd, Alex Colon, PCO, and Tony Deppen.

In the promo, Rush said,

“Ever since I decided to come back to professional wrestling, I’ve had a fire inside of me that I’ve been looking for for quite some time now. The way that I think the way that I’m moved is all different, so new is dangerous and I like it. I’m no longer the rookie with a burning flame. I’m the young vet with a torch that’s looking to set fire to the entire world. See, what I’ve done for myself over the years has created a path and a path for so many others just like me, people that believe, people that dream, people that know that the world is theirs. My journey has been unorthodox. My journey has been groundbreaking. My journey has led me to this very moment. A place that is very familiar, but a time that is different, a time that is now. January 23, 2022, Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City in front of the world and the world’s eyes are set on GCW. I plan on doing what I do best and not showing the entire world that this is my time, and it always will be.”

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