Lio Rush Discusses Regaining His Lost Love For Wrestling


Lio Rush recently opened up about his comeback after experiencing major injuries over the past few years.

Speaking to Sam Roberts on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Lio admitted that after his WWE release and subsequent injuries, he was not fully invested in wrestling and was doing it for the wrong reasons. He said,


“Truthfully, I feel like, you know, getting hurt after that, I was kind of already on the fence about wrestling because I was still kind of hurt about my WWE release in some way, shape or form so I was still kind of bitter, I was still angry. I feel maybe coming back, I was doing it for the wrong things. It wasn’t for the love of wrestling. It was probably to get my family out of the sh*t that I just put everybody in, and I feel like that’s what ultimately led up to me getting injured a second time because the first time around, I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. I’m not even gonna say I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. I wasn’t doing it for the love of wrestling. For the moment, the feeling of being inside of a wrestling ring. I wasn’t doing it for that reason.”

Lio Rush then shared that he has found a renewed love for the sport and is currently figuring out where the right environment for him to be full-time would be. As a free agent, Lio Rush is focusing on his rehab and says he feels stronger, healthier, and more mentally enlightened than before. He added,

“This time around, I feel like I’m in love with wrestling again. I found it again. I feel like I’m having fun with it again. I feel like I’m making it work with what I have outside of wrestling but still figuring that out, ultimately where I wanna be because I’m still a free agent at the end of the day. But, yeah, I feel good about where I am right now. Even my rehab felt different than the first rehab that I had. I feel stronger, I feel healthier, I feel more enlightened mentally.”

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