Lio Rush & Mark Henry Reportedly Hashed Out Their Issues Backstage At Double Or Nothing


As we reported earlier today here on eWn, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair got suplexed into a pool by his son-in-law to be, Andrade. Flair took to Twitter to react to the video, saying,

“Damn, Lousy Form! I’ll Be Better Next Time And Add A Backdrop! WOOOOO!”

Lio Rush took to Twitter earlier today, revealing that he had a long conversation with Mark Henry backstage at Sunday night’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view event. For those unaware, there was some heat between the two men last year after Rush went off on Henry on Twitter. This led to Henry threatening a lawsuit. We will post our original story from last year below for those of you who aren’t aware of what happened. Rush said,

“For those of you wondering….Yes me and Mark Henry had a long in depth conversation last night. Looking forward to the future.”


ORIGINAL: The exchange between Mark Henry and Lio Rush continues as Henry is threatening to go after Rush for slander after Rush blasted him on Twitter for lying about having a backstage discussion with him last year over Rush having backstage heat in WWE.

Henry spoke with TMZ about the potential lawsuit:

“The reason he came out with it now is because he knew I get a lot of attention and I have a lot of followers,” Henry said of Rush bringing up his comments from last year. “He released an album — or a song, or something — and he wanted to use that to get some attention, get some buzz. Not mad at him, if he would have called me I would have done it anyways, we just would have worked it.

“For him to go there was absolutely was the worst possible thing he could have done,” Henry stated. “It’s one of those things if I take legal action for slander, then I will, but I’m not sure yet.”

“He needs to apologize and own up to the fact that ‘I made a mistake, I embellished a little bit — a lot — and I was trying to get some buzz and I shouldn’t have done that,’” Henry continued. “That’s what he’s going to have to do. … He said that I’m a part of the problem. I’m one of those black people that try to keep other black people from making it. It’s just hurtful.”

Lio Rush then took to Twitter, reacting to Henry’s threat of legal action against him. He said,

“That god damn auto correct. Silly me. Listen MARK…. you went on your ‘Worldwide’ podcast with your 1.3 million followers and called me a liar DEFAMING my name. It’s clear that your chasing clout [here]. You told on yourself in that TMZ video. This is sad. Real sad. BIG SAD.

“And by the way [Henry], if you saved my job back then, THANKS. You were my first wrestling toy back in the day. Luckily it didn’t talk. … One more thing if you don’t mind [Henry], good for you for getting that 80% hired. I wasn’t one of them though, so I owe you NOTHING. You weren’t signing my checks, nor did I work for you. I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU. Stop being weird. I was taught not to talk to strangers.”

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