Lio Rush Names His Dream Opponents, Talks Dominik Mysterio’s Progress


Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush is set to compete at MLW SuperFight 2023, and he recently named a wishlist of stars he would like to face in the ring, including Amazing Red and The Rock.

During a virtual signing for K&S WrestleFest, Rush discussed his dream opponents as well as Dominik Mysterio’s progress in WWE.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On a match with The Rock: “That would be nice.”

On other stars he’d like to face: “I tell you what, I wrestled Amazing Red in my first year … and it was good. I feel it would definitely be a lot better … I’d definitely love to wrestle Amazing Red again. I believe I wrestled Will Ospreay my second year, so I’d love to wrestle Will Ospreay now that I’m in year nine … Vikingo, everyone’s talking about him. I’d love to wrestle him. I’m supposed to be wrestling Komander pretty soon … that’ll be in LA for GCW.”

On Dominik Mysterio’s progress: “Being there, watching that Rey-Eddie storyline with Dominik [live as a fan], and then seeing and being able to meet Dominik [years later] for the short period of time he was there, being at the shows with Rey but he wasn’t actively wrestling yet [was cool] … It’s always cool when you see the son or daughter of somebody, and you know this is their job. It’s different, and it’s successful.”

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