Lio Rush Reflects On Managing Bobby Lashley, Basing His WWE Character On Kevin Hart


On April 15, 2020, Lio Rush was released from his WWE contract as part of budget cuts arising from the COVID-19 pandemic following which the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion began working with many independent promotions including a short stint with AEW.

While speaking to Metro UK’s Alistair McGeorge, Rush discussed his WWE run as Bobby Lashley’s on-screen mouthpiece and mentioned comedian-actor Kevin Hart as the influence on his work as a manager. He said,


“That was the most fun I’ve had in my wrestling career. Even if it was something that I didn’t necessarily want to do – that wasn’t my first choice, to be a manager – but that was for sure the most fun that I’ve had. I was figuring it out, I was learning as time went on – and I did figure it out, i feel like I did catch a stride and find myself within the character. I found what worked for me, what got certain reactions, what was funny, what was gonna grab people’s attention the most. I had a lot of fun doing that character, overall.”

“I drew a lot from – I got a bunch of jokes on this, but I never said it in an interview, but I drew a lot of my inspiration from Kevin Hart. What I was looking at with Kevin was, he was so short – [laughs] he’s gonna hear this one day, I know he is! He was a shorter guy but he was so fired, he was so snappy. That was the biggest character trait with him that really stuck out to me, and I wanted to have that with my character. I wanted to look small in stature, but when you talk to me I wanted to be snappy and confident and funny.”

RUSH and YOH were the winners of the 2022 NJPW Super Junior Tag League Tournament.

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