Lio Rush Reflects On WWE Backstage Heat – Being Branded ‘Cocky’


Lio Rush has said that, contrary to what some believe, he is far from the cocky persona fans have seen.

During his WWE run, Rush had heat backstage with higher-ups, which reportedly cost him his role as Bobby Lashley’s hype-man in 2019.


Speaking on the latest ‘Say Less,’ Rush refuted the idea that his ‘Man of the Hour’ character was anything like the real him.

“Naturally, I’m a pretty quiet person. And I feel like that’s where the confusion between people thinking, ‘Okay, is he like this?’ because I would be backstage just ready to do my thing.

“People knowing that I’m 20, 22 years old, every opportunity that I’m getting I’m killing it — I don’t think I messed up a promo one time. So I feel like it was hard for people to look at this loud, brash, arrogant character on screen, and look at me being quiet and reserved backstage. People were like ‘Oh man, this motherf***er’s cocky.”

After his WWE release in 2020, Rush competed for AEW in May 2021 but announced his retirement shortly after.

Within weeks, Rush was un-retired and signed with AEW, but left the promotion in February this year.

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