Lio Rush Rejects WWE’s Contract Offer, Says Release Him


Lio Rush has been quite the topic of discussion as of late in the world of professional wrestling. None of these conversations have been positive to say the least.

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In a previous interview with Fightful, Lio claimed he was “Walking around broke in the biggest sports entertainment industry that there is”. 

However, PWInsider is reporting WWE made the self proclaimed “Man Of The Hour” a insane 5 year deal with the company. Rush rejected, instead asking for double the amount. The offer was said to be in the range of 300,000 per year.

Lio Rush apparently also told the company to release him so he can show them what he is capable of outside the WWE.

“We are told that Rush has, at on at least one occasion, instead suggested the company release him so he can “show them” what he could accomplish outside of WWE.”

We will continue to update you on the seemingly never ending situation regarding Lio Rush.



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