Lio Rush Takes Aim At Mike Kanellis Following Mike Requesting His WWE Release


Lio Rush is the current WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

However, it wasn’t always golden roads for Rush, for the majority of this year, Lio Rush set on the bench. Upon returning to action for NXT, he has been pulled over by the commentary team as a mental health advocate that refused to suffer in silence.


Following Mike Kanellis asking for his release today, he took aim at Rush on Twitter in a now-deleted tweet:

“You won 2 matches. Chill out. There’s an entire roster of Cruiserweights that we’re grinding and working their ass off for our Brand, while you were sitting at home for bad behavior. Let’s not act like you weren’t gift-wrapped the cruiserweight championship.”

Rush took to Twitter to respond and threw some jabs at the Cruiserweight, including taking a shot at his most recent storyline on television:

“You’re right, I was home,” wrote Rush. “Reflecting on my past and how I can get better. Getting back on a positive road to become a champion literally and figuratively. Spending time with my children that are actually MINE. I get your anger … trust me. Win a match 1st. Maybe we can talk later.”

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