Lio Rush On WWE’s Crusierweight Division, Why He Did Not Re-Sign With ROH & Talks His Interest In NJPW


Independent wrestling star Lio Rush, was a recent guest on Ring Rust Radio. During the interview, Rush went over his decision to not re-sign with Ring Of Honor, gave his thoughts on WWE’s Cruiserweight division & much more.

Here are the highlights:

WWE’s Crusierweight Division:

“My interest in WWE again is through the roof. I haven’t been contacted by WWE, but the playing field right now with the cruiserweights and that’s been somewhat of a main focus with them, it drives me to become better. It puts a bit of a chip on my shoulder and makes me a little bitter because that is considered to be the best cruiserweights in the world. So for me to not be a part the same conversation with the best cruiserweights in the world with the biggest promotion in the world, it just makes me want to be there that much more.”

Not Re-Signing With Ring Of Honor:

“I know leading up to the end of my Ring of Honor contract, a big reason why I didn’t want to re-sign was because; I can have that freedom to be closer to home, be more involved with my son’s childhood and be closer to my family. Also, being able to just control where and when I could wrestle, those were a big part of me not re-signing with Ring of Honor.”

His Interest In New Japan Pro Wrestling:

“My interest with New Japan is through the roof. It’s one of the only places I haven’t been and that’s crazy for me to say because of my age and how long I’ve been doing this. I’ve been all around the world; Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, England and all over the United States and I feel like Japan is somewhere I could excel at so much and possibly go even bigger and further than me in the United States, I think my style would adapt so well over there.”

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