Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) Confirms Her Retirement, Open To One Last Match


In a recent interview with Fightful Select, Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria in WWE and Tara in TNA, confirmed that she is currently retired but would be open to a one-shot appearance in WWE or Impact.

Victoria says she retired “on the spot” in September because her body felt “rough.” She said that if she did make a one-off appearances for one of her former employees, she’d want to be able to “get her shit in” and do something more substantial than a quick spot. She noted that it wouldn’t be worth her time for a cameo in the background.

She added that she would love to work as an agent, trainer or on creative, but thinks she’d have to get back to in-ring shape to do so.

She noted that a month before she signed with TNA, she made her WWE return so she could “dance next to Kid Rock.” She added that Sunny kept close to her in the women’s battle royal at Wrestlemania 25 so she could “stay safe” from everyone mad at her.

Victoria had no plans to go to TNA after leaving WWE, but was given an offer and only three days to decide. She added that she initially wanted to wrestle under her real name but ended up signing on with the company under the name “Tara”.

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