List of Talent Involved in the Latest WWE Performance Center Tryout


Thanks to a Twitter thread from Casey of Squared Circle Sirens, we now know the names of the talent working the latest WWE Performance Center tryout. Some standouts include:

  • Lance Anoa’i – Son of Headshrinker Samu, regular MLW competitor, 3rd Generation talent.
  • Jesse Jordan – trainee at Heath Slater’s school in Georgia.
  • Joey Lynch – Wrestler in Heath Slater’s school/promotion in Georgia.
  • Emily Andzulis – Female champion of Titan Games. Produced and Hosted by The Rock.
  • Jana Angel – Digital Media Host and former professional volleyball player that stands 6’3.
  • Kristjan Sokoli – Free Agent. Football player drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2015.

Check out the full thread below:

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