Lita Shares her Thoughts on Intergender Wrestling


Lita discussed her thoughts on intergender wrestling on the latest edition of After The Bell. Here is what she had to say: 

“So while the stuff that I did in intergender, it was done very opportunistically, when someone’s back was turned, or duck and weave. As far as the toe-to-toe, trading punches with somebody, I don’t need to see that intergender wise. Some of these girls now, they’re so athletic and have some muscle on them, and some of the guys, if they’re smaller, yeah, when it looks like a more evenly matched competition, or when it’s done in a way where it’s like, duck and weave, the cat and mouse game, yeah.”

“I just think it has to be done smarter, and it’s like don’t open the same way you would every other match. Use these different circumstances to your advantage. Maximize that extra layer and dynamic that you’ve put in on that match. Spike Dudley and I had a match, but I probably outweigh him, so it was feasible that we could go toe-to-toe just due to our stature, but when I was in there with Prince Albert, I would slide between his legs and somebody else would knock him.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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