Liv Morgan Comments On Her Past Momentum Stalling Out, & More


During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, WWE Superstar Liv Morgan commented on her past momentum stalling out, the support she’s received from fans, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the support she’s received from fans: “As much as I try and as much as I try to give them everything, there’s some things that are just out of my control, so sometimes I feel like I don’t give them enough to even want to support me. Or even want to cheer for me, but luckily for some reason, that kind of made it even stronger. I just hope that I can make them proud.”

On her past pushes stalling out: “I feel like the past two years of my career, I’ve had moments where I feel like I’ve had so much momentum and I’m just about to break through, and then I don’t. I do feel this time is different. I like to think positively and I’m very glass half full, so when I look back, I’m like, maybe I wasn’t as ready as I thought. And that’s why I didn’t break through even though I wanted it just the same. Maybe I just wasn’t ready as a performer.

“But now I feel so much more well-rounded, that I’m just ready. I’m ready for that top spot, I’m ready to be that girl. So I definitely feel like after Money in the Bank, I’m just gonna keep the momentum going until I’m SmackDown Women’s Champion.”

On Becky Lynch predicting she’d be a champion by the time Lynch returned: “Not that I’m disappointing Becky, but just to know that was an expectation and I didn’t meet it. But I know I will meet it, eventually. I’d love to prove her right and to prove her wrong. And I’d love to take the title from Becky.”

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