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NewsLiv Morgan Comments On Learning From William Regal, & More

Liv Morgan Comments On Learning From William Regal, & More



During a recent appearance on the “My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox” podcast, WWE Superstar Liv Morgan commented on her feud with Becky Lynch, learning from former WWE Superstar William Regal, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On learning from William Regal: “William Regal, he is such an intense man, but so sweet. He would just sit in promo class and tell us stories and watch our promos and be so honest. It was so refreshing. A lot of people when they give feedback would beat around the bush and try to put things in a way where it sounds nice. Sometimes, you need to be told like, ‘it’s not good. That’s not it.’ He would take what you do and make you find an emotion or an intent behind it and give so many tips and tricks of things that he’s learned along the way.”

On how Regal liked to teach tackles in the ring: “One day, we were learning how to take tackles and feed for tackles. Here we are drilling it and running it. He hates when you watch someone give you a tackle, like they come off the ropes and you see them. He spent so long how to shoot someone, use the momentum, pop up, take the tackle. He was bumping and bumping and bumping. He was not scared to bump. He would take backdrops, tackles, just to show us. The intent of why we do these things and why it makes sense. He was so hands on and so great. He will be missed. They don’t make them like William Regal.”

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