Liv Morgan On The Possibility Of Competing At Takeover: Brooklyn, Looking Up To Lita, How She Got Her Start In Wrestling – More


NXT’s Liv Morgan, was recently interviewed by Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald & discussed wanting to compete at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, where she resides in nearby New Jersey. Liv also goes over how she got her start in the wrestling business along with much more.



In the first portion of the interview, Liv speaks on wanting to compete at NXT Takeover. She says that having her family and friends in attendance while she is doing what she loves would be a dream come true. Morgan talks about where she grew up & coming in contact with current WWE superstar Enzo Amore. She says Enzo introduced her to trainer Joe DeFranco, who owns his own gym and is the personal trainer of NXT overseer, Triple H.

Morgan says DeFranco was impressed with her endurance and strength for someone of her size & recommended her to Triple H. It was a long-process, but that is basically how Liv Morgan got her start in the WWE. She discusses being raised by a single mom, falling in love with pro-wrestling while she was in high school and while working at Hooters, made sure the TV was always on wrestling.

Liv’s father passed away before she was born & he started the trend for watching wrestling within her family.


The other portion of the interview kicks off with Liv Morgan showing her respect for WWE Hall Of Famer Lita. Liv says she always looked up to her & it was an honor to finally meet Lita. Liv stated that she honestly never had any real training prior to entering WWE’s Performance Center & she started from scratch. Liv goes over her unique ring-gear and how her & the current RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, have a little bit in common as far as their backgrounds go, prior to pro-wrestling.

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