Liv Morgan Requested Move From SmackDown To RAW, Lana Feud


According to Sportskeeda’s own Gary Cassidy, WWE Superstar Liv Morgan was upset about some parts of her match being edited out. According to Cassidy, Liv Morgan has spoken to Vince McMahon and requested that she be moved from SmackDown to RAW when she wasn’t getting much television time. She was excited for the move to RAW, since Heyman was in charge, she felt that her character had a real opportunity to evolve on the show.

However, a majority of the ideas pitched for her character were rejected by Vince, for the exception of her re-debut during the “Wedding Segment” between Lana, Lashley and Rusev (shown below).

Additionally, most of the storyline archs that were to take place between Lana and Liv Morgan didn’t happen, mostly due to backstage issues involving contractual issues involving Rusev. Rusev was subsequently released by WWE a couple months ago.

Liv is reportedly not happy with the current state of her character on RAW, which begs the question if Liv could be on the way out the door as well in the near future?

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