Live Coverage of Impact Wrestling’s One Night Only Live PPV


Welcome to Impact Wrestling’s One Night Only PPV

Lashley vs Davey Richards

Lashley cuts a promo. Says he wants Eddie Edwards but gets the next best thing. Dave Richards comes down and Lashley attacks immediately. He slams Richards a few times and sends him to the outside. Lashley charges but Richards moves. He has Lashley against the guard rail and hits a running boot.

Back in the ring, Lashley turns things around with a neckbreaker. They battle back and forth and Lashley hits a torture rack backbreaker. Davey Richards fights out of a chinlock. He goes against the ropes but Lashley drops him with an elbow. Lashley chokes Richards on the ropes. He pounds on him in the corner. He dumps Richards to the outside and the ref counts. Richards back in.

Lashley with a long standing suplex. He held him for over 15 seconds. He sets up for the spear but grows impatient while Richards was slow getting up. Lashley continues to beat on him against the ropes. He charges but Richards moves and Lashley goes to the outside. Richards with a suicide dive three times in a row. He throws Lashley back in the ring. Richards to the top. Double Stomp but Lashley kicks out. Richards tries a suplex but Lashley fights out. Richards with kicks and tries another suplex. Lashley counters into a submission maneuver. Richards battles out and applies a submission but Lashley reaches the ropes.

Lashley tries to get into the ring but Richards gives him a Dragon Whip of the leg onto the ropes. He attemps a suplex again but Lashley again fights out. Richards to the top ropes. Lashley grabs him and delivers a powerslam onto the apron. Richards barely makes it into the ring at 9 1/2. Lashley throws him right back outside. He goes out after him and throws him into the steps. He gets him up and throws him back in the ring. Lashley poses for boos. Lashley goes to the top rope. Richards flies in with an ensiguri. He climbs the ropes and delivers repetitive headbutts to Lashley. Richards to the top rope with Lashley. He gets Lashley with Superplex and holds on and gets Lashley up for another suplex. Lashley kicks out.

Richards puts the Ankle Lock on Lashley. Lashley counters out and Richards hits the corner. Richards turns around and Lashley goes for the speark but his leg gives out. Running kick by Richards for two count. Richards back to the ankle lock. Lashley counters out and applies a reverse armbar and Richards taps out.


X Division Title Match: DJZ (c) vs Trevor Lee vs Andrew Everett vs Braxton Sutter

This is a four way elimination match. Sutter and Lee battle and DJZ fights with Everett. The four men try several pin attempts. Lee and Everett are on the outside. Sutter and DJZ lock up in the ring. They each counter each other’s moves. Trevor Lee back in the ring into a double hip toss. Sutter and DJZ exchange punches. Everett in and he gets a double hip toss. They battle back and forth again. Lee takes control of Sutter while DJZ falls to the outside. They exchange punches. Sutter counters Lee but Everett hits him with a kick, followed by a double team forearm and kick, and a leg trip and standing shooting star by Everett.

DJZ makes the save from the pin. He battles with Everett and Lee trips DJZ up from the outside. DJZ dodges a flying senton over the ropes and Everett hits Lee. DJZ gets in and delivers a flying senton onto both members of the Helms Dynasty. Lee pushes DJZ into Everett and DJZ rolls Everett up for a pin. Everett is eliminated.

Trevor Lee takes control of Sutter. He hits knee to Sutter and goes to the outside and delivers a vicious kick to DJZ. Back in the ring, he chokes Sutter over the ropes. He rolls to the outside and slams DJZ’s arm into the post. He gets in the ring and Sutter tries to battle back but Lee hits a dropkick for a two count. Lee hits a running kick to Braxton and then stomps DJZ’s wrist. Sutter battles back with clotheslines. DJZ hits Sutter with a flying body press. He does a springboard back elbow to Sutter. Lee hits Sutter with a jumping knee for a three count. Sutter is eliminated.

Lee with a deadlift German suplex for a two count. Lee works over the injured arm of DJZ. Lee roughs him up in the corner. Another deadlift German suplex but DJZ reverses into a rolle up for a close two count. DJZ with a kick to the midsection. Lee with a Double Stomp for a two count. DJZ rolls through a suplex. He hits the ZDT for the three count.

WINNER and Still X Division Champion: DJZ

Robbie E vs Bram

Robbie cut a promo and challenged any member of the DCC. Bram came out and answered the challenge but then decided he wants the night off. Robbie E flies of the top rope onto Bram on the outside. He lays the fists to Bram. Bram battles back and throws him back in the ring. He takes Robbie down. He roughs him up in the corner. Bram whips him in the ropes but Robbie hits a Thesz Press. On the outside, Bram hits a back slam to Robbie on the apron. He picks Robbie up and drops him face first on the apron and again on the guard rail.

In the ring, Bram charges but Robbie gets his feet up. He goes off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Bram in the corner, he dodges a charging Robbie. He hits the post and falls to the outside. Bram tosses him back in. Robbie tries to fight back but to no avail. Three straight short armed clotheslines for a two count. Bram bullies Robbie but he gets mad and gets back to his feet. Robbie delivers some punches and a jumping clothesline. He charges but Bram levels him with a clothesline. Then off the ropes with another for a two count. In the corner, Bram hits a nasty forearm followed by a Pop Up Powerbomb for another two count.

Another forearm and another Pop Up Powerbomb. He gets him up and hits a clothesline. Another two count as Robbie kicks out. Crowd slowly getting behind Robbie. Bram up to the second rope. He misses a double stop. Robbie hits the Boom Drop. He can’t capitalize though. Bram is the first one up. The ref tossed something out of the ring and Bram kicked Robbie with a low blow. He hits Brighter Side of Suffering for the three count.

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