​Live Fan Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW Broadcast


Credit: Mark Hodgson & Prowrestling.net

After the
taping, Bray Wyatt said it’s time to have some real fun. He picked up John
Cena’s shoe which had fallen off down the ramp and said, “Harper knocked Cena
clean out of his shoes!” A ‘John Cena’s shoe’ chant started which was sang along
to in the style of his theme tune…funny! Wyatt issued an open challenge to
anyone who has the gaul to brawl. The Shield came out and hit their spots to
send the crowd home happy whilst Cena continued to sell on the

Other Notes:

The majority of matches were poor. Superstars
was taped before where Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger put on a decent match. But
other than that most of the card was quite below par in terms of match quality.
Seth Rollins and Batista did not have ANY chemistry at all.

It was
hilarious to see everyone leave for a toilet break when Alicia Fox made her
entrance, only to turn and run back when they heard Paige’s music!

the show started Justin Roberts introduced the German announce team, which
seemed odd. Was this just for the purpose of Dean Ambrose running across the two
tables? Pointless.

The Adam Rose chant continued on the way out of the
arena and even spilt into the London Underground tubes! Expect this to catch on
as the new Fandango type sing-a-long

Luke Harper can clearly go in the
ring and seems very underrated at the moment.

Most Heat:
John Cena
Zeb Colter
Paul Heyman


The Shield
Wade Barrett
Adam Rose
The Wyatt Family

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