​Live News & Notes From Last Night’s WrestleMania PPV


Credit Mike Johnson and Pwinsider.com:

* Getting into the venue, which
can sometimes be a dicey situation when you are dealing with 75,000 plus fans,
was actually really simple and quick…until you entered the Stadium. I don’t
know if it was the area my seats were in but there seemed to be massive
confusion and the the tunnels were bursting with far more people than it was
designed to hold. It was pretty much the worst experience I ever had just
walking to my seats for an event.

* Before the show, the crowd was really
electric and was looking to have a good time. There were some pretty sizable “CM
Punk” chants before the show.

* Betty Skaaland was in the front

* The crowd was NOT happy about Hulk Hogan saying they were in the
Silverdome, but once The Rock and Steve Austin turned it into a running gag,
they were enjoying it.

* Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Alexa Bliss from WWE
NXT were the women with HHH for his entrance on the throne.

* The Bray
Wyatt vs. John Cena match had an interesting reversal. Live, you could hear
adults chanting, “Let’s go Wyatt” and lots of kids responding, “Wyatt sucks”,
sort of a reversal of the usual Cena dueling chants.

* During the WWE
Hall of Fame recap, there was a MASSIVE pop for Paul Bearer as he’s originally
from the Gulf Coast area.

* When the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match
ended, you literally had 75,000 fans all curse in shock at once. There were no
real pop as much as if was just utter, complete disbelief as everyone was
looking back and forth at each other and to the stage, waiting to see where the
serve was. While the announcers sold it on The WWE Network that the match was
over, live, there was no bell and everyone was waiting. It wasn’t until the 21-1
graphic came up on the screen that the Dome realized something had truly just
taken place. A huge “Bullsh**” chant broke out. It quieted down and everyone
sort of sat there, numb, after Undertaker sold the ending. They then gave him a
big standing ovation and chanted “Thank you Taker” while others just booed.
There were some fans I saw who left after Taker lost and there were two women in
the crowd (not together) who I saw crying after the loss.

* The Taker
loss really brought the live crowd down and they didn’t seem to come back until
well into the Daniel Bryan vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton match. From that point
on, they really got into his comebacks and offense before exploding for his
title win.

* Bryan had a long celebration, including greeting several
members of his family at ringside.

* It appeared WWE was about to film a
post-show discussion of sorts with Josh Mathews, Jimmy Hart, Mick Foley and
Trish Stratus after the PPV. Not sure when or if that will air. Foley and Hart
were watching parts of the show from the Post-Show station.

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