Live News & Notes From Last Night’s WWE RAW


Partial Source: Pwinsider

Thanks to Char Zelenovic for sending this one in:

Crowd wise, it was not a sell out. There were some tarped off areas on the balcony above nose bleed section. They were very small, almost unnoticeable but still, there was tarps. Kind of scary considering almost every Raw if not every RAW has been a sellout in Chicago.

One other thing I noticed was the fact that the entrance was SO close to the ring. I’ve never seen that at a taping before. There was only 7 or 8 rows of people between the ring and the entrance set.

After Raw went off the air, Punk came out. Did the yes chant with Daniel Bryan. He got a massive pop. Someone threw a White Sox hoodie at him but he threw it back laughing in a good moment with the crowd. Then someone threw a Blackhawks jersey inside the ring and Punk wore it to a much better reaction from the crowd. Ryback and Axel came back out to get dismembered by Punk after Jerry Lawler threw a kendo stick to Punk. Punk chaired Ryback and hit the GTS on Axel.

Most Over in order

1. CM Punk

2. Daniel Bryan

3. Dolph Ziggler

4. RVD

5. Bray Wyatt (although it’s really disappointing that the lights don’t go completely out for their entrance, for some reason you could see them come down the ramp in the dark, I don’t know why, all the lights in the arena seemed to have been off, maybe it was the curtains from the hallways in, but I remember when Kane and Undertaker had lights off moments before, you would never be able to see anything).

Most Heat:

1. Stephanie McMahon (especially the 2nd time she came out.. it was tiring)

2. Orton

3. Del Rio

Thanks to Kevin Lotito for passing this one along:

C.M. Punk came out did the Yes! chant to Daniel Bryan and patted him off. Awesome. Punk took the mic and asked how everyone was doing. He said he felt like garbage, but we were still here and he’s not done. And he did not care who came down the ring because he had a lot left in him and he was ready to issue out a Chicago beatdown and all his pieces want to fight. So let’s do it now.

Paul Heyman, Ryback, and Curtis Axel all came out and surrounded the ring. Jerry Lawler gave Punk a kendo stick. Punk beat down Axel and Ryback with the kendo stick and played to the crowd. He called for Paul Heyman. Punk held Heyman down with his foot in the ring and hit him twice in the back with the kendo stick before Axel and Ryback came back into the ring.

Ryback threw Axel into Punk in the corner, but he missed and Axel went outside the ring. He kicked Ryback and put him down. Punk grabbed a chair and hit Ryback twice as Ryback fled. Then he threw Axel into the barricade and then the ring to a loud GTS chant. Punk hit Axel with the chair, played to the GTS, and hit it and counted himself pinning Axel to close the show and send us home happy.

Side note. Someone threw him a White Sox hoodie. Punk frowned, shook his head, and threw it back. Someone threw him a Blackhawks Jonathan Toews jersey with the tag still on it. It was offered to Punk as a gift, which he accepted.

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