Live Notes From Mick Foley’s Comedy Tour Inside Here


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Mick Foley performed his stand-up show to a sold-out hometown crowd at Governors in Bellmore, Long Island last night.

Among those in attendance were his wife, his children (seen in Beyond the Mat but now very much grown up), Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister and of course, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. There were a lot of Foley’s friends from childhood at the show as well.

Foley did a 90 minute set, which featured a bit where Santa began heckling him, upsetting Foley. This led to Foley getting angry before Dreamer hit the stage to calm things in a pretty funny bit.

Foley told a lot of wrestling-centric stories Since he is about to tour the show, I won’t give away specifics but stories about The Undertaker, Diamond Dallas Page, The Rock, and Vince McMahon all end up in the show. There’s an awesome story about a crazy night with WWE talents in Frankfurt, Germany as well that I don’t even want to hint at spoiling.

Oh, and lots of shots at Al Snow, too.

The show featured former WWE NXT head writer Jen Bloodsworth doing a funny bit to open the show, including a great story about what it’s like being one of the only female WWE writers working with Ric Flair. Bloodsworth would later return during Foley’s set playing a well known personality to accentuate one of the stories.

After the show, Foley signed for a meet & greet, selling large photos of himself, Santa & Mrs. Claus from the WWE Hall of Fame for $10 with all money going to charity. He also sold the old school Cactus Jack shirts as well as a shirt of himself as Santa Claus designed to look like the Cactus shirt.

This was the second or third time I’ve seen Foley’s stand-up act and it’s grown leaps and bounds each time. For details on where you can see it, visit

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