Live Notes From WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV


Credit: Nate Dale and

First, WWE will be back in MN June 9th for Raw, the presale password is WWEPRE

Here are some Elimination Chamber live thoughts and notes:

So we showed up a little late and by the time the massive crowd got through security and we got to our seats the Cody/Goldust v. Axel/Ryback match was just getting over. I’m assuming Cody and Goldust won as their music was playing as i was looking for my seat.

The arena was nearly sold out and the crowd was into the show, other than the Titus/Young and AJ/Cameron matches which the crowd was very quiet and not into at all

The crowd was really behind Swagger which was kinda surprising. But then MN really doesn’t know what they want and will cheer for anyone as seen tonight

Wasn’t much going on during the Tag Title match, the crowd was into both teams and really played into whoever

The entire night there were random CM Punk, Y2J and Brock chants (the CM Punk chants being some of the biggest). Even standing in line waiting to get through security there were chants.

The crowd was HOT during The Wyatts/Shield match! Most people were looking forward to this match the most. The crowd was evenly split, till later in the match when most of the chants went for the shield. But even after the wyatts got a decent pop

Batista got a huge pop, one of the biggest of the night, for his entrance and then the crowd turned on him with Bootista chants throughout the match and were happy with anything that hurt him. (the crowd seemed to be on the heel side for most of the night, till the main event)

Everyone was hot for the Elimination Chamber. It was really hard to tell what the crowd wanted with their cheers and boos tho. But Daniel Bryan absolutely received the biggest pop of the night, by far!

All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and had fun with the random chants during some of the matches and I had a great time (how can you not with a free ticket haha) Daniel Bryan, Batista (even though the crowd turned on him after) and Hogan (when they showed he was coming back on Raw) were probably the biggest pops of the night.

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