​Live Report From Last Night’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV


Credit: Rob B and Pwinsider.com

I attended Extreme Rules at
Izod tonight with my girlfriend (was her 1st WWE live show). Here are a couple
quick notes from the show.

I tried to have the network going on my phone
at the same time while watching it live, but the lag between what I saw live and
when it came over the network was about a minute behind so I gave up.

show was almost completely sold out from what I could tell. Only saw a few empty
chairs here and there.

My seats were a few rows up next to the set for
the panelists, to Josh Mathews right. Sheamus stayed out at the panelist set for
the whole show while everyone else left at one point. It looked like Sheamus
fell asleep since he didn’t really move for awhile and a lot of people around me
were shouting at him to wake up.

I don’t know if there came across on TV
(haven’t read Mikes report or Dave Blog yet) but there were a lot of small CM
Punk chants during the night. But they didn’t last very long.

There were
a bunch of kids sitting around us and after Cena made his entrance, they seemed
to not really care about him and more and more started cheering Wyatt

lot of people were not happy when Kane and Bryan went back stage.

except for a couple minor things here and there the show was really good. One of
the better ones I have been to in a while. Evolution vs. The Shield was awesome
live! The best match on the show!

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