Live Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW Broadcast


Credit: Brent Strassburg and

Considering the importance of this Raw and the huge comebacks of Hogan and Undertaker, for the most part the crowd seemed quieter than usual for Green Bay. Maybe its just because they didn’t give us the right things to cheer for during the middle of the show.

Hogan and Undertaker were over huge and got great reactions. Daniel Bryan easily got best reaction of current wrestlers. The crowd hated Batista and the “heel turn” is rightfully in effect. The magic of last night of The Shield/Wyatt’s was not in the air for their singles match tonight, especially with the crowd opting to chant for the announcers instead of what was going on in the ring, which was a shame.

Fun note, after they cut to commercial during Reigns entrance, a bunch of crew guys ran to the ring in black hoodies and pretended to check ropes and stuff, as a diversion for Harper, Rowan, and Rollins to sneak under the ring with them.

They also set up some mats on the stage before Lesnar came out to keep Undertaker’s smoke to the beginning of the ramp and it started smoking about halfway during Paul Heyman’s speech to allow it to look good when the church bells started.

The crowd seemed to doze off during Cesaro/Big E and especially Christian/Seamus which probably didn’t seem long on TV but felt long in person.

Bray Wyatt’s promo that he cut on Cena was fantastic.

They announced a return date to Green Bay for Smackdown on June 10 and tickets were available after the show.

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