Live Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW Broadcast


Credit: Marq Manner and

Looking at a lot of reports on the Internet and tweets about WWE staff kicking people out for CM Punk chants. I was there live tonight and am not really buying it. There were three rows ringside that were surprisingly empty on the camera side ten minutes before any action took place. I didn’t see staff fill them in though. My friends had the “My Other CM Punk Sign Was Confiscated” that got a lot of attention on Twitter. I met up with them at the bar after and they said that the staff were very nice and polite when confiscating signs. They also had the “Terrible” sign seen when Randy was posing at the end of TV….and the “We Want D-Bry” sign. Not sure why they would not be ejected, but other people were for chanting…when the whole place was doing it?

Omaha is always going to be polite…and I’m surprised as many CM Punk chants went out as they did. I also saw a lot of “empty seat” posts but that was as full as I have seen a live WWE show here in years. Ticketmaster had a “low seat warning” on their site for the event today.

The Batista talking directly to Omaha before coming out live was odd.

R-Truth did a long entrance/rap that may have been the most over part of the night besides Daniel Bryan.

People had Rock signs thinking he would be there because he Tweeted “Omaha” the night prior. That was a Peyton Manning reference.

John Cena sent the crowd home happy and got a full on positive reception from the audience.

There were two baffling things tonight. First, The Miz walking to the announce table for a moment and then quickly heading back. This makes sense after the review. The other was Jerry Lawler calling out Wade Barrett…and I guess that was confusing on TV also.

The crowd seemed the most bored during the cage match until Cody Rhodes’ spot. That did not come across live well at all.

Sitting directly underneath the WrestleMania 30 sign is a bit uncomfortable. That looks like it would cause some serious damage it came down.

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