Live Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW Telecast


Credit: Robert Rae

Dark Main Event:

John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus beat The Shield by DQ in the dark main event. It started off with The Shield circling the ring with the faces sliding out beating them up before the bell. It was Sheamus and Seth Rollins starting off once in ring and bell rang. Rollins took control and The Shield worked on Sheamus until he made a tag to Cena. The Shield gained control of Cena and kept him in their corner. Cena finally made a tag to Ryback. The faces gain control and Ryback was working Reigns until Ambrose tried to break it up. Sheamus went after him. Cena was out of it somewhere. Rollins came in with a chair and hit Ryback with it then Sheamus. Cena and company won by DQ.

After the match, The Shield was bout to powerbomb Ryback onto the chair until Cena made the save. The faces did they’re finishers. That ended the show. The faces went around the ring to talk to fans. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler got up after the dark match and hugged couple guys and a lady behind them. Cena and company stopped by to talk to those guys and the lady.


-The crowd was really behind Chris Jericho. My section was filled with ladies and kids cheering Cena. It was my section vs. one guy in the “Let’s Go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” chants. I just sat there and laughed.

-I’m not sure why the crowd kept chanting “you can’t wrestle” when they didn’t like something.

-Also I feel they should have announced the WWE Hall of Fame inductions of Booker T in Atlanta and Bruno Sammartino in Pittsburgh instead. They did play the HOF video of Bruno, but I think the younger crowd didn’t know who he was. There were a couple of Bruno chants (my guess people older the 30).

-Dolph Ziggler got a good reaction when coming to the ring and during the match.

-When C.M. Punk dropped the urn, I’m not sure if they caught the swearing on TV, but in the arena it played out and Punk said “Oh shit.”

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