​Live Report From Yesterday’s WrestleMania AXXESS Events


Credit: Jeanette Hebert and Pwinsider.com

The first cool thing was
when we were in line for Roman Reigns and the table behind had some divas when
this couple gets up there and the guy gets on his knee to propose! The crowd
started chanting “YES YES YES!” It was awesome.

Also Jason Albert/Tensai
was walking around with what appeared to be his daughter.

The staff did
not know how to manage the lines. We stood and hour and a half in line for
Reigns and didn’t even get halfway through. They were letting people take way
too much time. A staff member was taking the pictures with the fans cameras,
taking more time. And they had people waiting by the barricade instead of up on
the steps.

After that we went to the New Age Outlaws line. They were
hilarious. Gunn had a camera guy’s camera and shot into the crowd, and made good
natured jokes about a few fans. They seemed genuinely happy to be there, unlike
Brodus Clay. A guy near me in line showed me a picture and Clay looked like he’d
rather be anywhere else.

Triple H made an appearance in the ring between
Q&A sessions.

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