Live Report: News & Notes From WWE Payback


Credit: Adolfo Acosta & Pwinsider

– The arena was not sold out. It was maybe 80-90%, and there were an unusual number of empty seats on the floor.  There’s a good chance those that bought tickets went to the Blackhawks game instead.

With the exception of when Heyman and Stephanie addressed it directly, there were no significant CM Punk chants. Some fans kept trying to start it, but they never really took off.

Nothing of note happened when the show went off the air. The Shield celebrated, the crowd went home happy.

– has a poll up asking the WWE Universe, What was the greatest act of payback? You can vote on:

* El Torito shaving Hornswoggle’s head

* Kane attacking Kofi Kingston

* Brie Bella slapping Stephanie McMahon

* The Shield defeating Evolution.

* John Cena defeating Bray Wyatt

Out of 7,000 votes, The Shield defeating Evolution is currently leading with 41%.

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