Live Report & Post-Show Notes From Last Night’s RAW


Credit: Martin Hamel and

I was at the Centre Bell
yesterday and it was not full, but a decent crowd of around 13 000 was
nonetheless on hand. It was nice to meet back with some old friends from my days
in NCW. Sylvain Grenier of La Résistance fame and ToW was reportedly in
attendance too.

Renee Young got a good pop when she came

Adam Rose overcame Titus O’Neil with some fancy
legs-on-legs pin I don’t recall ever seeing.

Yet another innovative move
graced the next singles match when Tyson Kidd (accompanied with Natalya)
reversed a Curtis Axel (w/ the ever popular Goldb… Ryback) hammerlock by
entering the top gap between the ropes and exiting the bottom one. Alas, it
wasn’t enough and Axel got on top. Glad to see the singlet experiment is over
for Curtis, it did fit his father better.

People were emotional
for Jerry Lawler all night long for obvious reasons, the man survived a heart
attack right here and it was his 1st time back.

For the life of me, I
can’t understand why JBL gets the pop he gets.

Still lots on CM Punk
chants. Get over it, people.

Not much screwjob chants, about

Bret’s pop live may have surpassed Lawler’s.

The Wyatts
and the Usos don’t get old. People cheered for both equally.

The crowd
badly wanted for Ziggy Ziggler to win, but… they got to sing along, and quite
in tune, to Fandango’s theme and dance instead.

Cesaro was great. It was
priceless for us francophones to hear Claudio say even the French and the rest
of Canada can’t stand “les Québécois(Quebecers)” with a pretty decent local
accent. He went on to tell us “Vous êtes pourris (you suck/you are rotten)”. We
got back at him during the match with a “TU es pourri! (YOU suck/are rotten)”
chant. Hell, the chant was used back on Cena to our general delight in the main

After Raw ended, Cena and Reigns went on raising each other’s arms
to growing discontent and glee at John and Roman. Then, the Wyatts crashed the
party, the crowd chanting for Y2J to show up and make it 3 on 3. It was not to
be, the 2 heros prevailed anyway, with Cena soon leaving the ring for Roman who
got cheered quite a lot on our way out. Best Raw I’ve ever been too, and I’ve
seen my share of ’em. WWE returns at the Bell Center on Oct. 17th.

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