Live Smackdown Recap November 29th, 2013


    Show: Smackdown

    Date: November 29, 2013


    Author: Cade Carnage (

    Venue: Mohegan Sun Arena (Uncasville, CT)

    Welcome Everyone to the Smackdown Live Recap! Thank you for reading and tuning into a hopefully somewhat entertaining show, all we can do is hope that our time’s not wasted.

    Let’s see what developments come out of Thanksgiving Smackdown in 5 minutes.

    We get shown the Tag Team Championship match later against the Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield.

    The announcers introduce Renee Young who is standing in the ring and introduces the “face of the WWE” Randy Orton. Renee begins the interview by asking Randy his opinions about the Authorities distraction which allowed him to pin Big Show for the 1..2..3 at Survivor Series! Randy responds that he didn’t need the appearance of the Authority, and as a matter of fact they tainted that match. Renee shows Orton a recap video from Raw when Cena challenged Orton for both their titles to get his opinion. Renee continues after the video by saying that the authority has already accepted the match, and that his championship would be on the line. Randy remains quite as Renee stood waiting for his response. She asks if he should feel “Afraid, threatened, betrayed”; as she continues the questions Orton glares at her and walks away from the interview and up the ramp.

    We go to the announcers where they direct us backstage where Vickie’s Post Thanksgiving Party is being held. All the wrestlers are there eating and chatting until Vickie comes in and “Excuse Me!” She quits the room and explains that this party will not end up like all WWE parties where a fight breaks out. She does introduce a food eating challenge between the Great Khali and Titus O’Neil. Vickie counts down and both begin woofing the food with the WWE Lockers room cheering behind them.

    We cut to the ring where Mark Henry’s music hits, and we cut to commercials.

    Mark Henry vs. Curtis Axel

    We return in the middle of Curtis Axel’s entrance with Ryback at his side.

    Axel starts things with a couple of punches but Henry over powers him and Irish whips him in the corner allowing him to land a body splash on Axel as we hear Big E cheering for Henry. Ryback comes from behind Big E and pulls him off the apron distracting the ref. Back in the ring Axel slams Henry’s head into the mat giving him a 2 count. He continues by stomping on Henry’s legs and tries to go for a neck lock, but Henry overpowers him and throws Axel off. Axel locks in another neck lock and tries to keep Henry grounded, but he fights out and delivers a big boot and close line to Axel, followed by two head butts which takes Axel to the outside. Big E stands watching as Axel get up and Henry follows to the outside. Ryback tries to attack, but Big E lands a close line grounding Ryback. Axel turns and tries to punch Henry but he grabs his hand and throws him back into the ring delivering his World Strongest Slam for the 1..2..3!

    Winner: Mark Henry

    Backstage: R-Truth and Xavier Woods discuss his entrance last week where he took Brodus Clays entrance. Brodus comes in and pushed Woods around for taking his gimmick. He pushes Woods into the lockers as Truth and Tensai break them up.

    Announcers: Recapping two matches, Los Matadores vs. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young, and The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield for the Tag Team Championships.

    Announcers: We return Backstage to the food eating contest. AJ and Tamina crash the party, but Vickie doesn’t like that and offers that if they stay there will be a food fight between them and all of the locker room. AJ and Tamina leave and we turn back to the food eating contest where Khali collapses from eating too much. The locker-room gets excited for Titus’s win and his prize is facing Antonia Cesaro in the ring later tonight.

    Plymouth Rockers (3MB) vs. Los Matadores & El Torito

    Heath comes in and wants El Torito to start things off; in which he does. The bell rings and Heath goes for him but Torito rolls around him. Heath corners him into 3MB’s corner and Drew and Jinder come in to attack him, but Los Matadores run in and connected a double dropkick to 3MB taking them to the outside. El Torito runs the ropes, jumps and lands on Heath Slator followed by Los Matadores jumping on Drew and Jinder on the outside. Matadores are back in the ring where Torito tags in Fernando. Drew also gets tagged in and lands a few forearm smashes to Fernando looking to have the advantage. Fernando counters and connects a DDT and tags in El Torito. He lands a hurricane rana and a swinging arm drag which takes Drew down and out. Diego tags in and Torito distracts Drew allowing Diego to take advantage and tagging in Fernando where both land their finisher for the 1..2..3!

    Winners: Los Matadores

    Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. Xavier Woods & R-Truth

    Tensai and Truth start things off with a good sportsman hand shake. Both clinch up and Tensai overpowers Truth taking him into the corner. They break the hold and exchange some dance moves but in the end Tensai scoop slams Truth and lands a running body splash in the corner. Truth counters and connects a kick to the head grounding Tensai. Truth tags in Woods where he comes in and attacks Brodus on the apron and Tensai by throwing multiple punches to hoping to get the advantage. Tensai gets dazed and Brodus gets a blind tag and hits Woods in the back of the head as he went off the ropes. Brodus runs Truth off the apron and lands a second rope body splash for the 1..2..3!

    Winner: Tons of Funk

    Interview: Renee interviews Punk regarding the attack this past Raw against Daniel and himself. Punk responds that he doesn’t understand why allot of things happen but he will get to the bottom of it and in the end The Shield will need protection.

    Video Recap: This past Raw when the Wyatt’s kidnapped Bryan for a few hours.

    Titon-Tron: Brodus enlightens us all on the titon-tron speaking about his visions of mannequin’s posing as humans and that are intoxicated by their own vanity. He continues by saying that he knows how it feels like to be thrown in a grovelling pit, where they laughed at him. Bray knows you better that you do, and that Bryan will join the Wyatt’s and when he returns, he will return as a monster.

    Titus O’Neil vs. Antonio Cesaro

    The bell rings and both lock up. Titus lands a shoulder to Cesaro but holds his stomach moving as if he will be sick. Titus runs the ropes, and Cesaro lands a dropkick grounding him. He tries to get back to his feet but appears to be dizzy and very sluggish. Cesaro Irish whips him to the corner but Titus counters a running move and lands a big boot. Cesaro though gets advantage again and grounds Titus taunting for the giant swing. He starts swinging Titus for a few rotations until Darren Young comes in and attacks Cesaro stopping the match.

    Winner: Antonio Cesaro.

    After the match, Darren helps Titus on the outside. As they reach the announcers table Titus grabs JBL’s hat and throws up in it as JBL yells in the background to please don’t do it! Titus then takes the hat and plants it on Michael Coles head spilling his vomit all over him. Cole tries to rub himself on JBL but Titus and Darren come through them and head to grab Zeb Colter. Titus holds Zeb as he begins vomiting on his head!! We end this segment with everyone having vomit on them. That was so not appetizing!

    WWE Shop: Diva’s promo for

    Raw Rebound: Recapping the Authority and Orton’s segment this past Raw where Cena comes in and challenges for a champion vs. champion match at TLC to unify both belts. In addition they recap the main event against Cena/Big Show vs. Orton/Del Rio.

    The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins)

    Unified Tag Team Championship Match

    Ambrose goes to the announcer table as both teams get introduced by Lillian Garcia and the referee holds up the tag team championships as the match begins.

    Cody and Seth start it off with Cody locking in a neck lock and not letting go. Seth tries to push him off but cannot until he goes for the hair and rolls Cody off. He ducks a close line grabbing Cody’s mid section but Cody takes advantage breaking out and scoop slams Seth and locks in an arm lock allowing him to tag-in Goldust. He comes in quick with a scoop slam and forearm drop on Seth. He tags in Cody where he connects a top rope axe-handle. Goldust gets tagged in again and just as the Rhodes go for a double move, Seth stops himself on the ropes and tags in Roman Reigns. Both Goldust and Roman stare each other down until the punches begin. Roman lands a hard shoulder and takes Goldust out of the ring for a breather. He climbs back in and connects a dropkick to Roman but Just as Seth tries to interfere; Cody connects his own Dropkick allowing Goldust to close line Roman out of the ring, and Cody taking Seth out of the ring. The Rhodes brothers taunt in the ring getting the crowd behind them as we cut to commercials.

    We return to Cody fighting out a leg lock by Seth and allowing him to get back to his feet. Seth stops the momentum with a close line on Cody and Irish whips him to the corner. Cody counters a running shoulder and tries to go for the Alabama slam but gets rolled up for a 2 count. Seth connects a kick to Cody’s head and tags in Roman Reigns. Roman uses his size and grounds Cody for the 2 count. He brings him back to the Shields corner and tags in Seth to connect a top rope gut punch. Cody begins to fight out of it but gets stomped back on the mat by Seth Rollins allowing him to tag-in Roman. Roman locks in a neck lock grounding the action as the crowd gets behind Cody to fight his way back to his feet, he runs the ropes but gets stopped by Romans elbow for another 2 count. Roman tags in Seth and both competitors punch Cody to the mat. As Cody remains on the ground, Seth connects multiple chest punches, and stomps wearing down Cody Rhodes. As the ref pushes him off, Cody connects an elbow to Romans head and stops Seth with another elbow. Cody tags in Goldust just as Seth tags Roman, and this is where Goldust fly’s. Connecting his throat punch, corner punches, and power slam for the 2 count on Roman. He climbs the top rope to have Roman stop him, but Goldust still fights back. Seth comes off the top rope but Goldust connects an atomic drop and close lines Seth to the outside. Roman comes from behind and pushes Goldust to the outside as we cut to commercials.

    Goldust gets punches in the back of the head as we come back from commercials. Goldust gets to his feet but Roman lands a chest slap taking Goldust to an opposing corner. Roman begins stomping Goldust down until the ref pushes him off. Seth gets tagged in yelling “Common old man!” Goldust gets to his feet and fights back but Seth stops that momentum again with a head kick and follows it up with a body drop on Goldust for the 2 count. Both competitors get to their feet, and it’s Goldust who strikes landing a kick and DDT giving him time to go for the tag. But, Roman tags I first kicking Cody off the apron and connecting a huge close line on Goldust for the 2 count. Roman connects a forearm and goes for another 2 count. Roman locks in a choke hold to allow Goldust to get the crowd going. He drags Goldust back to the shields corner and tags in Seth. They Irish whip Goldust to their corner but he climbs the ropes and connects his elbows in both their heads. Goldust tags in Cody, where he lands a springboard dropkick, rolling pin, and his own throat punch for the 2 count on Seth. Cody climbs the ropes to go for his moon Sault but Seth stops him and lifts him on his shoulders. Cody fights out, but Seth still connects Cody’s face against the turnbuckle. Seth goes to the top rope, but Cody catches him in a fisherman suplex for the 2 count. Roman interfered and Goldust comes in to push Roman out of the ring. Both Roman and Goldust fight on the outside until Roman throws Goldust in the barricade. Seth rolled to the outside for a breather and Roman tried to get him up. Cody climbs the top rope and jumps on the shield taking Seth back into the ring. Cody connects a moon Sault and cross-roads. He pins Seth but Ambrose interferes and punches away at Cody’s head until CM Punk’s music hits.

    Winners: The Rhodes Brothers

    As Punk runs in with a chair and makes the shield run in fear, Vickie comes out and makes a 6 man tag match between The Rhodes & Cm Punk vs. The Shield, we hear Seth complain as we cut to commercials.

    The Rhodes Brothers & CM Punk vs. The Shield

    Punk connects multiple chest kicks on Ambrose as we come back from the commercials. Punk goes for the pin and gets a 2 count. He tags in Goldust where he connects a cross-body for another 2 count. He drags Ambrose to their corner and tags Cody who stomps away on Ambrose. He connects a back body drop and tags in Punk who climbs the ropes and punches Ambrose right in the face. Punk goes for a corner kick but Ambrose side steps and tags in Seth who goes after punk. Punk quickly trips Seth and tags in Goldust. Goldust grabs Seth’s leg and slams it against the mat keeping him grounded. Cody tags in and punches away on Seth’s head until he throws Seth on the outside. He Irish whips Seth into the barricade and back into the ring. Goldust tags as both pull Seth’s legs apart and Goldust punches him right in the face for the 2 count. Cody tags in again and tags Punk to connect a double arm breaker on Seth for another 2 count. Punk interlocks the legs and locks in a stretch tagging in Cody who uses the other free leg and locks in a Boston crab. Seth manages to escape the submissions and tags in Ambrose quickly who knocks out Cody and as we cut to commercials.

    We return where Cody gets his arm stomped on by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose sends Cody into the turnbuckles hard and tries for a back drop. Cody counters and connects his throat punch and a corner big boot giving him time to tag. Punk gets tagged in and connects multiple close lines to Ambrose and a kick to his head grounding him. Punk connects his running high knee and close line and taunts for the go to sleep just as the lights go out and the Wyatt’s music hit. The lights come back and the Wyatt’s are on the ramp distracting CM Punk. Ambrose takes advantage and grounds punk to allow him to tag in Roman, and Seth who beats down on Punk. Seth tags in Ambrose but Punk manages to connect a double neck breaker to both of them at the same time. As he reaches for a tag, the Wyatt’s attack the Rhodes and the ref rings the bell.

    Winners: The Rhodes & CM Punk

    In the ring Punk gets thrown out of the ring by Roman just as the Usos run in and attack the Wyatt’s. In Addition Mysterio runs in and attacks Seth in the ring and connects a 619. Vickie Guerrero comes out yelling “NO, NO, NO!” She re-starts the match as a 12 man tag match..

    The Rhodes, CM Punk, The Usos, Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield & The Wyatt’s

    We come back from commercials as Ambrose gets pinned by Jay Uso for the 2 count. Ambrose manages to tag in Luke and he starts throwing and pushing Jay around like nothing. He Irish whips him in the corner but Jay connects a big boot and goes for a pin. Luke kicks out quickly and connects a big boot grounding him. He tags in Seth as he tags in Bray who lands a couple of elbows to Jay’s chest. He tags in Luke who connects a stomp to Jay’s mid section and rolls him in the gator roll. He locks in the side head lock to allow Jay to fight out; which he does. Landing a European uppercut and tagging in Rey Mysterio. Rey lands a hurricane-rana and pins for the 2 count. He kicks Luke in the chest and jumps from the top rope on Luke. He runs the ropes but gets caught against Luke’s big boot. Bray tags in and pushes Rey into the corner and Irish whips him in the opposing corner. He connects a running corner close line and pins for the 2 count. Erick tags in and easily scoop slams Mysterio and locks in a bear hug where he throws Rey around like a ragdoll. The WWE Universe cheers on Mysterio, but he gets caught in a side slam where Erick gets the 2 count. Erick carries Mysterio in his corner and Dean tags in. Mysterio tries to crawl through Ambrose’s legs, but he catches him and locks in a face lock grounding the action. The crowd once again cheer for Mysterio and he makes his way to his feet. Ambrose connects a knee to the midsection and tags in Seth. Mysterio takes Ambrose out of the ring and grounds Seth Rollins which allow Rey to tag in CM Punk. Punk connects a springboard close line to Erick who tagged in after Seth. A couple more close lines, kicks and dropkicks take Erick outside of the ring. Punk lands a suicide dive and takes Erick back into the ring where he delivers 3 high knees and his signature neck breaker. Punk lands his elbow drop from the top rope for the 2 count. The Shield interferes in the pin, and the Rhodes brothers attack them until they get thrown out of the ring. The Wyatt’s come in but the Uso’s take them out of the ring. The Usos jump on the Shield from the ring to the outside allowing Punk to lift Erick in the ring for the GTS. Bray interferes and tries to go for Sister Abigail on Punk. Instead he gets a face full of boots from Mysterio and gets taken out of the ring. He kicks Erick to the ropes and connects his 619 allowing Punk to connect the GTS for the 1..2..3!

    Winners: The Usos, The Rhodes Brothers, Rey Mysterio, & CM Punk

    Smackdown Ends The Usos, Rhodes, Mysterio, and Punk celebrating in the victory.

    Thank you for taking the time to read the Smackdown Recap. Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

    Carnage Out!

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