Live Talk Is Jericho Cancelled as Chris Jericho Opts Out of Starrcast


In a bit of late-breaking news for the Starrcast convention, the live episode of Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk Is Jericho was canceled as Chris Jericho reportedly just opted out of attending Starrcast.

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The official app provided the following notification and encouraged fans to attend a sit-down interview with Dustin Rhodes which was scheduled to go on at the same time. It is unclear whether this is an in-character move for Jericho or perhaps something happened with Chris Jericho schedule that didn’t allow him to attend but this is another blow to Convention attendees that suffered through quite a few hiccups this year as far as scheduled events not being able to take place:

The next Starrcast convention will take place on Labor Day weekend in conjunction with AEW ALL OUT on August 31st.

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