Loads Of Backstage DGUSA News From WrestleMania


Source: Pwinsider.com

— All three Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE iPPVs from this weekend are now online for Video On Demand replays; you can order them here.

— The company is reportedly very happy with the WrestleCon shows, with the EVOLVE show breaking their attendence record and DGUSA’s possibly doing so as well. The Sunday show was up big attendance-wise from their show from WrestleMania weekend 2012; additionally, the Saturday show looks to be the most-ordered DGUSA iPPV to date. The company is already planning their show for New Orleans next April.

Johnny Gargano’s heel turn has reportedly been in the works for months.

— Tony Nese has signed a deal with the company; plans are to build him up as the “Premier Athlete” with Mr. A as his bodyguard.

— The company’s internet problems on Friday were exceedingly frustrating internally. The company had paid $2,200 to put in the equipment and services needed for the iPPV but when WWNLive.com came in on Thursday to set up and test the feed, the venue staff wasn’t there. The company had several issues with the feed on Friday and no one from the venue showed up until ninety minutes before EVOLVE’s show was set to begin. Once the venue got everything right in the building, the company was told that there was an IP block and more people had to be called, which led to an addition weight. All the fault is on the venue and the company was livid; to make up for the problems the company upgraded all live streams to include the VOD replays and anyone who already paid for VOD was offered an additional event stream.

— Player Uno blew out his shoulder during his tag team match on Sunday to the point that he was unable to lift anyone. Arik Cannon was knocked loopy in the same match but lucked out and didn’t get a concussion. On Friday night, Samuray Del Sol badly bruised his hip doing a dive and he was given Saturday of so that he could ice his hip up and recover so he could do the final show.

Trent Baretta was a last-minute addition to the Saturday show. The company hopes to bring him back.

— Here is a video of Rich Swann commenting on WrestleCon & Johnny Gargano:

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