Loads Of Backstage Extreme Reunion News & Notes


Source: Pwinsider.com

— A statement is reportedly coming from the organizers of the Extreme Reunion show and specifically Shane Douglas in regard to the weekend’s events. The organizers are still planning to run a show in Philadelphia on June 30th. It is believed that the “problem children” will not be brought back and that different names, both old ECW names and newer talents, will be brought in as replacements.

— The Gangstas were viewed as a positive in the locker room. New Jack was referred to by most as one of the “shining stars” by being very helpful and open to working with younger stars. Jack addressed the younger guys during a pre-show meeting and said that the plan was to try and pass the torch, telling them not to be shy to ask questions and get advice. Mustafa was also very social and happy to be working the show.

— The plans for the Raven vs. Gary Wolfe show were reportedly “completely changed” by Raven once he walked out for the match. There was a said to be a lot of heat toward Raven as he told the organizers about a day before the show that he had a shoulder issue and they “bent over backwards” for him leading up to the show.

— The reason for the iPPV download delay was due to production issues. The promoters were told that it would be ready at the end of the show but it wasn’t the case, meaning that editing had to be done. The delay had nothing to do with the negative crowd reaction, which will not be edited out. Refunds were offered due to the delay in the iPPV download; additionally, a Q&A that took place before the doors were opened was offered as an additional download as a make-good.

— Axl Rotten’s car accident on his way home wasn’t the only one from someone who worked the show. Damien Farren, who was Shane Douglas’ right hand man for years and worked the merchandise and ticket sales, got in an accident that left him hospitalized with a broken C-1 vertebrae.

— The original booking plans for Devon Storm was to have him face 2 Cold Scorpio. When Sabu was hospitalized, plans were changed for Storm to add himself to the Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible bout. That was changed a second time when Credible was determined to be unable to work and thrown out of the arena, resulting in the match being turned into a singles bout with most of the match being called on the fly.

— The organizers attempted to bring Tony Devito and HC Loc in to appear with Angel Medina. Devito turned the booking down, as he hasn’t wrestled since being diagnosed with a cardiac condition a year ago though he was open to doing a non-physical manager role. Loc was simply unable to put his real life responsibilities on hold to make it to Philadelphia in time.

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