Loads Of Backstage News From House Of Hardcore


Source: Pwinsider.com

— The main event of House of Hardcore ended a few minutes early after Sean Waltman was busted open during Terry Funk’s airplane ladder spin. He immediately told them he was hurt and they had to end the match. He got ten stitches and was okay after the match but felt sick immediately after.

— Once he finished wrestling, Lance Storm went to the sound engineer’s position to give cues for all of the post-main event angles.

— Beulah McGuillicuty suffered a concussion during the main event after landing hard taking a bump.

— Former ECW Producer Ron Buffone was backstage visiting as the show.

— With a large amount of former ECW wrestlers on the show, many brought their families and children, giving a feeling of a “high school reunion” in the back.

— Several CZW talents were on the show as House of Hardcore used their ring. These included Matt Tremont, DJ Hyde and Rory Mondo. There were also some WWE officials at the event but it’s unknown who.

— Tony Devito worked as an agent in the show. While Devito has a heart condition that causes his heart to skip a beat if he takes a bump, worked the Extreme Rumble. However, he did it in a way that he was completely safe. He asked to be added at the last minute. The Extreme Rumble was done to give the House of Hardcore Academy students some ring time. The belief is that the match went on too long and may have burned the crowd out.

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