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NewsLooking At The Pro Wrestling Podcast Craze (Pt. 1)

Looking At The Pro Wrestling Podcast Craze (Pt. 1)



In the last year or so, the pro wrestling world has really gotten involved in the podcast craze. It’s a great trend. You don’t need a bunch of sponsors, or corporate people to impress. You simply hop on the air, speak your mind and throw it out to the public. Those who flock to it become your fans, those who don’t, oh well.

As someone who works online and works in the pro wrestling business, I’ve sampled many of the online podcasts that pro wrestling has to offer. In the following space, I’m going to take a look at some of the better podcasts that I would recommend to any fans out there looking for interesting wrestling-related content to listen to. Here is part one of “Looking At The Pro Wrestling Podcast Craze.” Make sure to stop back by eWN on Saturday for part two.

Steve Austin Show

This is personally my favorite wrestling podcast on the internet right now. The legendary WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hops on the air twice a week, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and talks about the business he helped reach new heights.

Austin will talk about his personal life and some about his professional life, but for the most part, “Stone Cold” knows what the fans want, which is to hear him talk about the wrestling business.

Every once in a while Austin will have a non-wrestling guest on the show for an interview, but for the most part, his show features personalities from the world of pro wrestling as his guests.

As his show has gone on, Austin’s interview skills have become really solid. He doesn’t monopolize the conversation, and really allows his guests to tell their stories. Because he is who he is, and has the respect in the business that he does, he is able to get virtually all of the big names as guests on his show.

Where the Steve Austin Show can be heard:

Talk Is Jericho

Chris Jericho recently joined the podcast revolution with his brand new online show, “Talk Is Jericho.” There have been three episodes of the show thus far, a two-part interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and an interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland.

Jericho is a natural. Listening to his show, it just sounds like he belongs on the radio. It comes as no surprise either, as Jericho has a history in the rock-and-roll business with his band “Fozzy,” which first started out as somewhat of a comedy band, and slowly transitioned into the real deal.

Chris Jericho’s format is similar to Austin’s, in that he talks a lot about pro wrestling, but Jericho also branches out and talks a lot about film, music and general entertainment. His first three shows have made headlines, as his ability to interview is as good as I touted Austin’s being. Jericho’s interview with Edge made a lot of headlines, as Edge revealed a lot about his business dealings with WWE during their hour-long conversation.

Where Talk Is Jericho can be heard:

Jim Cornette Experience

This one is an absolute no-brainer. One of the best talkers in wrestling history, and one of the most colorful personalities in the history of wrestling, Jim Cornette, recently decided to join the podcast revolution in the form of his new show, “The Jim Cornette Experience.”

Cornette worked some in the past with Major League Wrestling (MLW) promoter and former WWE creative team member Court Bauer, who asked the legendary manager about doing his own show. To the delight of pro wrestling fans around the world, Cornette agreed.

Cornette talks a lot about wrestling, but much like Jericho, will branch out and cover a number of other topics, such as politics, television shows, and entertainment. Cornette even started a movement to get the dog on Family Guy back onto the show after creator Seth MacFarlane decided to kill off the beloved character. Cool stuff!

So far Cornette has only recorded and published a few shows, but his two-part interview with legendary WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross is worth going out of your way to listen to. After listening to the first few editions of the “Jim Cornette Experience,” I can tell that it will become one of my regular stops in the podcast world.

Where the Jim Cornette Experience can be heard:

That will do it for today. Make sure to stop back by eWN on Saturday for part two of my look at the pro wrestling podcast landscape. Until then, leave your feedback in the “Comments” section below, or hit me up on Facebook at

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